The Old School Program.

ball slams, roundhouse kicks, kettle bell swings, squats... All things you can expect at osft!  

Kickboxing, Strength training, martial Arts, and more. 

Little Bit about Us...


Old School Fitness is a private training facility in Lebanon, Hunterdon county, NJ where ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results.  Our boutique fitness center is unique in that we combine a high-power, effective fitness program with a nutrition plan so that you can get yourself healthy in all aspects of life.

Classes available 7 days a week!
Kickboxing | Functional training | personal training

WHY Old School?  Because we’re different.  We build a family, a support system, and a program that you WANT to be a part of!

Oh, did we mention that you could pay as low as $5/class, to workout in a small group WITH a trainer?  Because you can…


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Privates are individualized sessions designed to address your specific needs. Your Trainer will work with you to assess those needs and help you establish movement competency while building a base of strength and conditioning.

This is a great option for anyone who has specific concerns or wants to tailor their training to reach a particular goal.  

We offer the following private training sessions:

  • Individual

  • Semi Private

  • Small Group Sessions


THE CHALLENGE: start Anytime!
unlimited SESSIONS.  10 WEEKS. 

Change your life to be fit and healthy, & join the Old School Fitness Family. 

We offer unique training program that encompasses various training methods combined with a robust nutrition plan. 

Each session brings a different method of training so you will never get bored and will see real results!

The Plan.

put your goals on hyper drive and optimize your weight loss.

our knowlesgeable staff is committed to helping you make lasting lifestyle changes.

attend at least five 45min training sessions per week, follow the nutrition plan, and see results!

Includes the following:

- Cardio
- Lower & Upper Body Strength Training
- Kickboxing
- Customized Nutrition Plan


The Hardest Part About Making A Big Change Is Being Motivated.

Read & Watch Real People and their Stories...


Meet Lou... After struggling with health problems related to weight issues, he knew he needed to make a change.

He had never stepped foot in a gym but within 11 months, Lou has worked his butt off - literally! During the time with OSFT, he’s lost 75 pounds and his BMI reduced 12 points. His medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes have all been cut in half! We couldn’t be prouder of where he is today!

March 2017
A1C: 6.5 diabetic diagnosis
LDL (cholesterol): 96
HDL (cholesterol): 58
Ratio (cholesterol): 2.9

March 2018
A1C (diabetic diagnosis): 5.6 normal range
LDL (cholesterol): 86
HDL (cholesterol): 61
Ratio (cholesterol): 1.4



We understand everyone's goals are different and searching for the right trainer is tough.  

We have trainers of all ages and backgrounds - but one thing is for sure - our team are experts.  We work together so that you achieve your health goals.

 Our team consists of expert coaches, motivators, and teachers where we create a support system.

Anthony Albanese

Owner, Training Director
Anthony has been studying martial arts, fitness, and sports nutrition for most of his life. He is a 10th degree black belt and Grandmaster in Vadha Kempo karate, a 5th degree black belt in Superfoot Kickboxing System, and a 2nd degree black belt in the Joe Lewis Fighting System. Anthony was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2014. Through years of training with world class martial artists, as well as preparing himself for tournaments, Anthony learned how to maximize his nutrition and exercise program to drop weight, burn fat and build muscle. He is also a Certified Functional Strength Trainer.

Justin Gosselin

Justin is a Clinton Township resident and graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Economics. He is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) via the National Strength & Conditioning Association, and is qualified to work with NCAA & professional athletes. He understands that a sustainable lifestyle change is the fastest route to success. Justin played varsity basketball for North Hunterdon, has trained in MMA, and competes in Powerlifting.


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Lebanon, NJ 08833

(908) 437-8535
(908) 892-7006