Proven Sucess

"Old School Fitness Training made me feel welcome.  When I found Old School Fitness, I was new to the area and recovering from thyroid cancer treatment.  Anthony made me feel welcome and the program was different than anything else I had ever done with fitness.  Prior to my cancer diagnosis, I was a person who tried everything in name it, I've tried it.  After diagnosis and treatment, I found I didn't have the same endurance and strength.  The program at OSFT allowed me to progress at my own pace.  The structure of the OSFT Challenge, including the nutrition plan, gave me focus.  Today I feel as strong and as healthy as I did before cancer.  I don't know where I would be, healthwise, had I not come to OSFT."
- Naydene B.

"Hi Anthony, As you may recall, I began with OSFT in October 2014. My primary motivation was driven my my family physician who, after reviewing my blood diagnostic test of July 2014 told me that it was imperative that I make some changes in my life style if I wanted to preserve my health going forward. In the Fall, Tricia told me about your program and as soon as my travel schedule permitted I enrolled. I wanted to reduce my weight and improve my fitness for skiing during the 2014-15 season. In the months prior to joining “the challenge”, I had weighed 212 pounds and had begun “trying” to reduce that weight. At that point, I was gasping for breath every time I bent over to tie my shoes. My belly had developed a habit of overflowing my belt. The thought of doing a push up or a jumping jack gave me the shakes as I had done neither in at least forty years. So much for the starting point. The Challenge made a huge difference. As you have seen recently, I am a mere shadow of my “old” self at 175 pounds and I have had the most exhilarating ski season of my entire life! Today we did 100 jumping jacks just to warm up and three sets of 10 pushups. Unbelievable! More importantly, I had a comparative blood test done in February to verify that the changes in nutrition habits and exercise routine were indeed making a difference in the critical indicators of overall heath. My lab report (cholesterol and sugars) went from mostly out of range to well within normal ranges in the period between July 2014 to February this year. I am feeling better than I have in a long, long time. I continue to share my story with everyone who will listen. I share this with you as my story may help you influence others to make the commitment to enhancing their wellbeing. Gaining and remaining fitness is a “challenge". It takes a personal decision to do it and a commitment to focus on it every day. Enhancing personal fitness can be done and it does make a difference not only in life style but in the most important factor of all, personal health. Thank you for making OSFT available, Anthony. I know it is a business but I feel with you it is personal as well. Keep having fun and keep it old school! Have a great week end!"

"I am going to make a change. I need to get into better shape. When do I have time for that? I don’t have time. I am so busy. I have so much going on. I am going to do it. I am going to eat better and exercise more. When do I have time for that? I don’t have time. I am so busy. I have so much going on.  

It seems there’s an inner struggle. For many like me, there is a tendency to avoid what we should do, what is good for us. There’s a tendency not to prioritize well and lose sight of what is really important. We all need to remember without our health, we cannot do much of anything. Health is wealth. Yes – cliché I know…but very true!

Well, over the past 10 weeks, I have been working on making some changes – positive changes – thanks to Old School Fitness’ 10 week fitness challenge.

A transformation has taken place as I have shed 19 pounds and many inches over these 10 weeks. I feel good. I like the changes I see. My blood pressure is under control.

The experience of the challenge has not only altered my physical appearance, but also my way of thinking. I have made a change and I am committed to the change, so I have to keep moving forward. I’m busy, but I will make time because this is just too important. Thank you Old School Fitness for this journey! It’s just the beginning.  Old School Fitness – Fitness for Life!"
-Cheryl B

Real Results.  From Real People

"This is my second round of the fitness challenge and I love it.   I feel great and the best part is that it’s fun. I actually look forward to the morning ritual. I have met some real awesome people too.  Anthony is a great coach.  Following the OSFT healthful food plan and working out to the best of my ability I have dropped 27.5 pounds since April 10th and a lot of inches. Did I say to the best of my ability?   I had fractured my wrist prior to the first session.  I didn’t think I could do it.  But they told me yes you can and yes I did.   Each session Anthony would tell me how to modify the work out to work for me.  He has a great ability to provide a program that works for all ages and sizes of people. It’s pretty amazing.

I am so grateful for Old School Fitness Training. There are no words to express my gratitude. Thank you for being here."

"Four weeks in to the old School Fitness Training Program (OSFT) I am having an experience that is nothing short of amazing. My background:  I am a Type 2 Diabetic and am seeing incredible progress to my health on multiple levels.  When I began this program I had been a diabetic for 15 years.  Slowly but surely my medication has been on the rise.  Three years ago I was put on insulin when the oral medication wasn’t providing the appropriate results.  I tried doing mild exercise like walking but it wasn’t sufficient. One good thing that came from the insulin use was my blood sugar management improved dramatically and my A1c (the measure that indicates how well controlled your blood sugars are over a 3 month period) came down to the target range set by my Doctor.  The Target of 6.5 (%)  is regarded to be good control for a diabetic on insulin.  I was maintaining that level well over the last three years.  However, I gained 40 lbs. during that same time frame.  I was simply eating too much and exercising too little and was using the insulin to make sure I got the sugar out of my blood stream - but it turned in to fat and extra weight .I have never been an athlete.  I have never been successful in sticking to a regular exercise routine and I’ve probably never stayed true to an eating plan for more than three weeks in my life.

When I started this program I was at an all-time high for my weight and my insulin usage per day was 115-120 units. Impact of Old School Fitness:  I started to see improvements immediately (by the second day).  I noticed I needed less and less insulin to manage my blood sugar.  My morning fast blood sugar readings suddenly became right on target and my overall weekly averages and estimated A1c started dropping below 6.5 right away.  After four weeks I have been able to cut back on my insulin by more than 50%!!!  I’ve lost over 10 lbs.  I’ve lost over 3″ on my waist.  And that’s after only four weeks!!  And most importantly, my A1c results are tracking such that I’m now consistently running at non-diabetic levels (5.8 – 6.0).  It certainly appears as I continue to become more fit, lose more fat, gain more muscle and lower my insulin levels to match my constantly reduced need I am heading to a point where I may not need any insulin at all.  I would consider that I real miracle. And on top of it all - I’m not finding it nearly as hard as I expected.  The support I’m getting from Anthony and Rebecca combined with that of the other members of my morning class just helps propel me along to stick with the program. And now that I see the results, I’m just wondering what took me so long!!  This program should be seriously considered by all Type 2 diabetics struggling to manage their diabetes (in partnership with their Doctors of course).  For me this is turning out to a true life-saver."
Kevin C

"This is a fabulous way to start my day and it has improved my health, my energy, my mood and my weight. Exercising 5 days a week really keeps me focused on my goals. I will be reenlisting for the next session, I want to keep going! I am so glad this program is available."
- Peggy